Save Cañón de Guadalupe Promo With Shailene Woodley

Big Picture Media has recently teamed up with (Save Guadalupe Campaign), artist and activist John Quigley & actress Shailene Woodley to help preserve Cañón de Guadalupe. Together with BPM Director, Salyer, they have produced a short 2 minute promo trailer

Cañón de Guadalupe contains a natural hot springs Palm tree oasis where waters run both hot and cold temperatures. This is a sacred and magical environment where legend has it the Virgin Mary appeared. It’s the land of blue palm trees and caves containing early Native American petroglyphs. This land is currently threatened by developers who want to destroy its’ history.

The Loya Family, the current owners of Cañón de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico made these comments regarding their mission to save the land: 

“Turning over our Canyon to big corporate money for a private exclusive resort would break our hearts.

Cañón de Guadalupe is a place for communing with nature, with family, with water; a place for healing.  John Quigley and his friends are currently in discussions to buy the multi-million dollar property.

Help John and the Loya Family by donating to

Cañón de Guadalupe:

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