Mattress Warehouse “Sleep Laboratory” : 30sec TV National

Project Description

Set in a futuristic scifi sleep laboratory, the commercial opens revealing lab techs studying various subjects who are levitating. “The average person will sleep twenty six years in their lifetime. Research shows that if you sleep better you will LIVE better and longer. But finding the right mattress to sleep on can be exhausting. At Mattress Warehouse, you simply lay back, relax and let science find your perfect bed. BedMatch…only at Mattress Warehouse…where sleep happens.”


Client: Mattress Warehouse

Executive Producer: Tracy Jones

Writer and Director: Salyer

Co-Written: Clark Kline

Associate Producers: Rachell Shapiro and Hunter Kalman 1rst AD

Graphic Animations: David Kay

Director of Photography: Samuel Tressler and Mike Yamrus

Lighting Directors: Wes Sullivan and Aaron Johnson

Set Designer: Rhonda McLaughlin and Grip Mike Yoder

Talent Agency: Carlyn Davis

Post Production: Renegade Studios

Producer: Hunter Kalman

Editor/Compositing: Brian Stetson

a Big Picture Media Production in association with Renegade Productions.

Tags: TV Spot

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